Game of Thrones

  • Guided tour: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian
  • Duration: 1,5h



We won’t set you on fire, but we will offer you the best Game of Thrones walking tour in Dubrovnik. So behold, lad. Welcome to King’s Landing! Walk the street where Cersei’s walk of shame took place. As if that’s not enough, you’ll walk through the castle where Daenerys trains her babies and contemplates over her next tactical move.

We all remember the scene when Tyrion meets Oberyn Martell in the, let’s say colorful, brothel – we’ll make sure you visit it, but spoiler alert – it’s actually an ethnographic museum.

Blackwater Bay is the West entrance to Dubrovnik and one of the most beautiful locations overlooking the fortresses of Bokar and Lovrijenac in the town. In the third season, Shae and Sansa Stark watched ships sail before Littlefinger agreed on plans to escape with Sansa.

Relax in the King’s Landing gardens, palaces and castles; where Sansa and Lady Essen gossip King Joffrey and Lord Varys and Olenna become allies.

Red Keep, House of the Undying and Purple Wedding location are just some of the few. Let’s be frank and write no more – the whole Dubrovnik was Game of Thrones set and we’ll make sure you see it.

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