Cave tour

  • Guided tour
  • Half day tour: 4h
  • Morning tour: 10 a.m.
  • Afternoon tour: 3 p.m.
  • Small groups


Well, hello; if you are reading this, you are obviously or in Dubrovnik, or planning to come (good decision, in both cases). If you are, at the same time, searching for a special and a different day trip from Dubrovnik, look no more!

Sea Caves, these natural formations created by wind and water slowly eroding shore cliffs, are found all around the world. Many are geographical anomalies, featuring a unique convergence of natural elements. Most are extremely difficult to access, requiring precise timing, tidal comprehension, and seafaring prowess. Luckily for us (and you), many of these beauties are located just around Dubrovnik.

We’ll start off this trip with a visit to Mociljska Cave with stalactites and stalagmites and continue to the very special beauty called Blue Cave. For many years now, she’s in top 5 the world’s most famous and stunning caves. When in this region, there’s no excuse to miss it. Also, we’ll take you to the stunning Sunj beach and Kolocep village.

We made sure to make this astonishing experience unforgettable, and in your cave day tour, you’ll have a skipper and a guide, unlimited drinks and snorkelling masks for better cave view.


  • Snorkelling masks 
  • Unlimited drinks: beer, white wine, vodka-juice, coca cola, fanta & water
  • Cancellation deadline: 48h before a trip