About us

Like a true light sward holder, we took upon us the mission to offer you the best Dubrovnik holiday!

We researched, tried everything on us (experienced a couple of side effects), researched it again, add many years of experience and came up with this offers.
If you prepared yourself properly and googled it all, and we believe you did, you noticed that, more or less, all offer the same trips or tours. That's a fact. So why entrust us with your holiday?
Because we'll hook you up good. We planned our tours and trips in a way to optimise the bus time or any time loss in general. Like travel addicts (and perfectionists and organisations freaks and wine and dine lovers), we put ourselves in your shoes and made sure to organise all-inclusive trips where possible, discover new locations, make deals with locals to bring you to the best vineyards and restaurants.

In short, to offer you truly the best things to do in Dubrovnik. We will listen to your wishes and ideas and be flexible and understanding - in the end, this is your Dubrovnik trip! Don't hesitate to ask us any additional question or information, we are here to provide you with every our hidden trick and every colour in our colour palette.

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